About Me

Barbara Skora Life Coach Barbara Skora….My rare blend of formal education and my profound journeys around the world define my spiritual approach to coaching.  I received an undergraduate in Psychology at the University of Buffalo, N.Y.  and continued my voracious appetite for self-improvement and knowledge in human behavior.  While in Buffalo, I taught and encouraged young adults who were financially disadvantaged, assisting them in learning a trade.

Parallel to counseling, life came knocking at my door. Tests to see if I could walk the walk, I learned much about my inner strength through personal tragedy and loss.

I continued on my own roadmap and moved to Houston, Texas.  I became an advocate for the 12 step program while supporting many people in the community. I worked with smoking and food addiction at a hospital to support people with addictions. From there, with a full model of health as my goal, I owned a fitness club, and promoted full health: exercise, after all, being a proven benefit for many conditions.

Next stop, Los Angeles. What enrichment! I was working with artists and people who created beauty and brought happiness to others. After a time studying interior design and working under a renowned architect and art historian, I learned about complete concepts of living, including Feng Shui. Opening my eyes to the borders of outside the US was profound. My journeys took me to Asia, where I experienced Buddhism, Monks, and the meaning behind chanting.

Next stop was Europe. Traditions were discovered through trips to cathedrals, with their catacombs below. Museums in Italy and France, with masterpieces created in and for an institution we know as “church”, brought on more questions, followed by further study. Next stop, Egypt, steeped in history. The Pyramids were on the horizon; iconic, and symbolic. Next visit was Israel, a mix of great minds, contemporary and tradition; such magnificent culture. At this point, I was saturated with love.

My next roadmap came with a twist. It landed me a job on a cruise ship, sailing around the world. I experienced the outback of Australia and the Aborigines. We continued to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, experiencing Asia once more with its’ many cultures, customs, different foods and spices. In India I observed Hinduism. I could hear the chanting at the same time every afternoon.  The ship continued on to Africa. We went on a Safari, and observed the beauty of the animals in their own habitat. It was eye opening to see children happy and content without material things. We visited Cape Town S. Africa, and the people there were kind, generous and friendly. We continued up the Ivory Coast of Africa and I was impressed with the beauty of the women there. Their outfits enhanced their hair styles and they resembled a photo out of National Geographic.   Like everything in life, this trip was coming to an end. The last part of the trip was out of Africa, to the Canary Islands and on to Portugal, last stop.

Next,  a return to America on the Big Island of Hawaii where I was exposed to the Polynesian rituals. It was in Hawaii were I balanced my learning and travel with more coaching. I met women who seemingly found themselves in difficult situations. I engaged my passion for ‘women’s empowerment” and their lives were changed for the better, so I was blessed. I experienced one more country before returning to my hometown of Los Angeles. Since I always wanted to learn a second language I went to  San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and lived there two years.

I can honestly say that what I learned  throughout my  life,  all the places I lived, all the different people and cultures I inter acted with, all the challenges I had to overcome in my life,  were life changing experiences that could never be learned in school. Every experience and challenge in my life taught me valuable lessons to be grateful and live in the present and it is with pleasure that I pass on this valuable information so others can live a peaceful life.

If you are ready to continue the amazing journey, search no more. Not only do I want to help, I can and will. Through a combination of my own life examples and my formal training, I will give you all the tools you need to meet the most amazing person you will ever meet, YOU!

Life is a Highway

I want to ride it all night long

If you are going my way

I want to drive it all night long”

Other teachings that enriched my life,  classes in Kabbalah, Shamanic retreats, learning the Chakra System, learning about  Divine colors through a course called  Aura Soma. Reading books on self-improvement, spiritualism, human behavior, psychology, co-dependency, and addictions. I also earned certificates in Life Coaching and effective communication, metaphysics and nutrition.

Last but not least I would like to share some wonderful authors. Some of my favorites include:

• Dharma

• Tom Rusk M.D.

• Krishnamurti

• Echkhart Tolle

• Dali Lama

• Dr. Wayne Dwyer

• Louise Hay

• Deepak Chopra

• Marianne Williamson

• Piero Ferrucci

• Sakyong Mipham

• Don Miguel Ruiz

• Bonnie L.Fatio.

• Lao Tsu