Skora Life Coach offers personal and professional services to individuals that are ready to change their life for the better.

Are you needy, are you co-dependent, do you let other people control you, do you feel nothing you do is ever right.?  Do you want to know where that came from and how to overcome the voices in your head that keep saying “you are not good enough”, everything you do is wrong.? Are you around people that inspire you or put you down, are you willing to change and find the courage you need to improve the way you feel about yourself.
Reach out for help, talk to someone that can be objective, someone that can relate to your problems, someone that has compassion for what you are experiencing and knows you can change. Are you willing to be accountable for your actions, and do the work necessary to become a better you ? Pick up the phone and change your life and…………..


Copy of services

All the services must be paid through PAYPAL 72 hours in advance.


Coaching Packages

75 Minutes


3 Sessions
60 Minutes


6 Sessions
60 Minutes


Please contact me by e-mail at to schedule your free 30 minutes consultation to see if coaching will work for you.
All sessions remain confidential