Carole, Houston, TX, I was a surgical nurse working at a prestigious hospital in Houston when I met Barbara. My life and career was going well until a co-worker introduced me to cocaine.  My life was ruined and I lost everything.  With Barbara’s friendship, I was able to pick up the pieces of my life an return home to my family in Scotland.  To this day, we are in touch.

Liz, Houston, TX, While living in Houston, Barbara supported me over the years with my recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction. She would attend meetings with me at A.A. and encouraged and helped me get out of a unhealthy relationship.  Because of her caring and support I am happy to say my drinking days are far gone.

Lisa, Los Angeles, CA Working with Barbara was inspiring and she taught me to think positive even through hard times. She has made me realize that through challenges and obstacles that come up in our lives we grow and become better people. I am so appreciative for this gift.

Denise, Los Angeles, CA I will always be grateful for all the life’s lessons Barbara has taught me through her teaching skills and coaching abilities.

Susan, Los Angeles, CA Barbara is very intuitive and always knows the questions to ask me and has the ability to take me where I should be. I would recommend coaching to anyone who is stuck in life and could use some useful tools to continue on a path of self-improvement.

Earleen, Big Island, I met Barbara at the dental office where I worked in Hawaii. Shortly after that we became friends.  She immediately took an interest in me and supported me tremendously through some hard times in a bad marriage and my  alcohol problems. With her encouragement, I am now a stronger, independent woman thanks to her passion for women’s empowerment… I will always be grateful to her for giving me back my life.