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About Happy People

1. love vs. fear: Happy people see each moment as a challenge, to discover more about themselves.
2. acceptance vs. resistance Happy people understand that you cannot change a situation by resisting, but can change a situation by accepting it and understanding that there may be a reason for it. They ask..what can I learn form this ?
3. forgiveness vs. not forgiveness: Happy people know that it is not healthy to hold on to anger and choose to forgive and forget.
4. trust vs doubt: They trust themselves and the people around them and choose to treat people like they are specail and unique.
5. meaning vs ambition: Happy people do things because it brings meaning into their lives and know that doing things that you love, brings abundance into your lives.
6. praising vs criticizing: Happy people do not reinforce bad behavior by criticizing but know that by praising a person that shows good behavior (even though not that often) will actually reinforce positive behavior.
7. challenges vs problems: Happy people see problems as challenges and opportunities to explore new ways of doing things, expressing gratitude because it allows them to expand and grow.
8. selflessness vs selfishness: They do things not for themselves but for the good of others, bringing meaning and happiness into the lives of many.
9. abundance vs lack of or poverty: Happy people live a balance life in mind, body and spirit.
10. dreaming big vs. being realistic: Happy people listen to their heart and intuition.
11. kindness vs cruelty: Happy people are kind to themselves and others, and understand the power of self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance.
12. gratitude vs ingratitude: Happy people are grateful for what they have, and know staying positive brings more abundance into their lives. Their cup is always half full.
13. presence vs disengagement: Happy people know how to live in the now while still having big dreams for the future.
14. positive vs negativity: Happy people stay positive even when things do not go their way and realize they can learn and grow from that experience.
15. taking responsibility vs blaming: Happy people take full ownership for there lives by not blaming others what happens to them and by doing so they are able to keep their power.
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