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Barb's Story

Throughout my many journeys, I found myself drawn to the human condition.

My passion in life is coaching, specifically guiding women to finding their way into better mind health, empowerment and relationships. My home is in Los Angeles but I have enjoyed living in many cities throughout my life. Many of my journeys took me to faraway places around the world, including third-world countries where I observed hunger and poverty. I have become who I am today by overcoming countless struggles and challenges in my own life; by my travel and by my life long learning and passions for human behavior.

I studied psychology in my hometown of Buffalo, NY and before that I coached and encouraged young minds in a vocational setting to learn a trade, to believe in themselves and to become independent adults.

Throughout the years and my journeys around the world, I found myself drawn to the human condition. Studying first hand the impacts of various external pressures on the human psyche, I learned the varied responses to adversity...I saw how some faltered or used unhealthy substitutions to cope with loss. I observed how many of us stumble and need a hand to help us up. I realized that all of us need other people in our lives and that we are stronger together... I learned and I grew and excelled in life over the years.

After moving to Houston, Texas, I became an advocate for the 12 step program and worked with alcohol, smoking and food addictions. I then opened an aerobic club there helping people better their health and body through proper exercise.

Barb Skora

My next phase of life started when I moved to Los Angeles and started studying interior design and working under a renowned architect and art historian. I mastered the "concepts of living" including studies on how color affects our psyche and studies on Feng Shui, a Japanese belief to bring positive energy into our homes through placement and objects.

Travel was on my mind again so I impulsively took a position on a cruise ship that took me out of La. to Australia, Asia, India, Africa, and Europe. On this journey, I gained an impressive knowledge of all the different cultures and nationalities, and as a result, I learned a great deal more about the human spirit and what makes us do the things we do. A few years later I took up residence in Mexico experiencing the language, the people and their culture...


I would like to dedicate this web site to my own mother that gave up any aspirations she may have in her own life for fulfillment outside the home.

Post-war prosperity came at a cost to women who gave up working to maintain the "domestic containment.". This lifestyle stressed the importance of a one-income household with the husband working and the wife staying home to make babies and be a good homemaker and wife. That was her life as I knew it growing up.

I often think about what my mother would have accomplished if she was living in today's world. We can't say for sure if women's lives were not fulfilled but I often think the choice should have been theirs alone.

For those seeking to better their lives, allow me the privilege to help; to come into your life and utilize my decades of knowledge on human behavior and life. I believe that sharing my experience with others can truly change lives.

When I am not coaching I enjoy volunteering my professional advice online to support groups such as "Parental Alienation", "Adult Estrangement", and other healing groups for those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. Some women's groups I belong to are specifically geared to encouraging women that are in abusive relationships or are rape victims. Unfortunately, the woman there have low self-esteem and addiction problems while trying to rise above it...

Are you ready to start your journey to self-discovery and healing? Through a combination of my own life experiences and formal education, I promise, we will find your passions and purpose together so you too can live a full exciting life like myself with adventure and strength.

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