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Your Soul Purpose

Have you ever wondered what your soul purpose is? It’s a concept that ignites the curiosity within each of us. We have this longing to know what we’re “supposed” to be doing; some people seem to know what they want to do with their life from a young age, while others go years and years without ever “finding” it.
In my experience in working with my clients, I’ve found that those who suffered from the deepest forms of depression were not the ones who experienced the most profound traumas, but the ones who felt they had lost their sense of purpose in life, regardless of their age. This seems to hold as true for teenagers and young adults as it does for those in their middling years. “Purpose” as defined.: “A reason for which something exists or is done, made, used etc.” Accordingly, to search for one’s purpose means to search for one’s reason for existing on this earth.
As humans, we have a deep need to belong and to be loved. When we live our soul purpose, our lives have colour, passion, and a sense of belonging again.
I’ve listed a series of 7 steps below to help you remember and live your soul purpose everyday:
1. Stop Searching
You’re never going to “find” your soul purpose. It isn’t written on a piece of paper somewhere or on the agenda of a cosmic contractor that assigned you to Earth for a specific purpose. Your answer lies within you, not without. When you believe it lies somewhere external, you disempower yourself because this belief implies that another needs to “give” or “assign” your purpose. This isn’t the case. You choose to give your life its purpose. The process of remembering your soul purpose is introspective in nature. When you realize that, you find your inner source of power.
2. Choose To Thrive Or Survive.
Decide right now if you’re here on this earth to thrive or to survive. There is no in between. You live each day with an intention, and every day you choose to merely survive or to grow, evolve and thrive. This choice will be the foundation of your purpose.
3. Accept A Purpose
If you’re on this step, that means that you’ve given yourself a purpose! If you’ve chosen to “thrive,” it means that every decision you make from now on should improve your existence in one way or another. Step back and have a look at your life. Do the people around you make you happy? Do your relationships with them uplift you most of the time? Or are they toxic? Do you love your career? Are you passionate about your hobbies? If it’s helpful, make a list of your daily routine. Start with what you do when you wake up in the morning and besides each activity, make a check mark as to whether or not it makes you a happier, healthier, better version of you or not. This step is all about awareness, not judgment, or even action.
4. Discover Your Passion
This is the fun part! When you’re passionate about something, hours will pass by without you realizing it. Doing things that you’re passionate about energizing you, they don’t drain you. They excite you, they don’t obligate you. Think back to what you liked to do as a child. When you have at least three things that you love to do… DO THEM! This week, make time to do what you’re passionate about. Reignite the spark. While you’re doing the activity, feel the passion and let it contrast with your “normal” feelings. Remember why you love these activities in the first place.
5. Make Your Passions Your Priority!
No one else is going to rearrange your schedule for you to make sure you’re doing what you love to do. Ensure that you’re spending at least 1-2 hours per week doing something you’re passionate about. These activities make you feel alive. Commit to fitting your passions into your schedule.
6. Expect Blocks Along The Way
It is at this point in the process where you will encounter the most resistance. You’ll likely experience fear, a sense of unworthiness, and lack of motivation. You may also notice a lack of support from loved ones. Don’t get caught in the inner and outer drama. Your only job here is to commit to the cause and persevere – the obstacles are a normal part of the process. If you didn’t have any at all, you’d be living your dreams already! Don’t let the resistance and fear outweigh your desire for achievement.
7. Practice Makes Perfect
Here’s where a lot of people get stuck. They expect to be expert authors, painters, or athletes as soon as they start living it. If it’s your passion, practice isn’t going to feel like work. It will be fun. With enough time and experience, you’ll embody that all-star player you visualized. Don’t let the initial difficulties discourage you. Power through them and learn from these challenges instead of letting them defeat you.
*Note: These steps don’t take a lifetime to carry out.
Don’t allow yourself to dwell on any step for longer than a day or two!
I hope that the steps outlined above have given you clarity and direction.
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