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Healing and Clarity

Healing works through a kind of detox: things have got to come up in order to be released. That is true of our personal issues, and also our collective issues. We can’t just push the darkness down, pour pink paint over it and then pretend it’s not there. We have to look at it, accept that it exists and then release it for healing.
When negative things come up in your life, it is a great opportunity to change and grow. Everything that happens is meant to help move you into your greater self.
How to get clarity?
1. Reflect on something about which you are confused about and would like new understanding and clarity.
2. Sit quietly and relax your body. Think of the issue, then let go of it.
3. Ask for clarity and guidance from your higher self.
4. Ask yourself: What insights am I receiving about how to think or act ? What beliefs do I have about the outcome ? Do I need to change the these beliefs to a higher view. ? What choices do I have ? What do I now intend to do ?
Affirmations :
I release old habits and patterns and discover new ways of thinking and being.
I am aware of my life as a whole from the perspective of my entire life span.
I ask the Universe for what I want, and I am open to receive it.
Affirmations become living energy when practiced with conviction and feeling, with a sense of your connection to your innermost self.
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