How To Deal With Tragedy


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How To Deal With Tragedy

How can we minimize our reaction to such a tragedy that occurs in our lives…
First and foremost, I believe we have to reflect on all our blessings and realize that there are people out there in the world less fortunate then us. Losing a loved one is probably the only thing that would be of the utmost importance. But, if there has been loss through “material things” , it might be a message in our lives that none of these objects really make us happy. Yes, they may make us comfortable for a while, but what happens ? We want more .
Through these losses, we will learn the importance of life, and how fragile it really is, how it can be gone in minutes. We will put more importance on the people in our lives, our loved ones, the people that will never let us down and will always be there for us, care about us, and love us unconditionally.
Let us pray for the people that have endured many losses the past few days, and pray that a blessing will reveal itself to them in time. Life is like a highway, with many bumps in the road, but we must take things that come our way with grace and understanding that there is a” higher power” out there in control of our lives. Peace.
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