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Toxic relationships

Toxic Relationships

All relationships are complex. However, when one partner becomes intensely and chronically critical of the other, it becomes a “toxic” relationship. A toxic relationship is when a person essentially drains the life out of their partner with their criticism and discontent, thus killing the joy and pleasure they enjoy together, This can occur in any type of interpersonal relationship, such as with a family member, a spouse, a friend, a girlfriend, a lover, or with anyone else in our social and/or occupational circles.

Toxic relationships are harmful to your health: physically, emotionally and psychologically. They are totally radioactive … the word “toxic” is like an element that is loaded with poison to kill the enemy … and often that enemy is ourselves

We should ask ourselves these questions while in a relationship:
Who do I become when I am with my partner?
How do I feel about my behavior when I am with my partner?
Do I repeat learned behaviors?
What are the signals that are triggered in our body when a relationship is toxic. Are you constantly feeling sad, frustrated, angry, guilty, resentful, maybe even scared ? Do you feel physical or psychologically harmed the way your partner speaks to you ?If so, you are in a toxic relationship and it is time to take action, and leave.
Here are some ways to recognize a person that is toxic in your life:
Manipulators: Always try to make you feel guilty.
Narcissistic: They believe the world revolves around them.
Authoritarians: Love to judge.
Pessimistic: Self destructive people.
Dream Killer: Afraid of change and will try to convince you that you cannot do anything right.
Toxic people have power over vulnerable and insecure people…
People with low self esteem will often find themselves in a toxic relationship, and try to change the other person. These people become the “victim” because they are desperately seeking love or they do not want to be alone. Being in a toxic relationship is a matter of choice. If we are willing to change by doing the work to learn to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, we can and will change.
Reach out and get help with a professional that can remain objective, and at the same time be patient, compassionate, and give you the clarity you need to get healthy and become your “Authenic Self”.
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